Move Tenders Local /International /Global Mobility /Office Moves

Frustrated with the endless document that is a Tender. Need help writing a Move Tender? We help with both sides of this coin. If you have a tender that you need to write and submit to market for viable vendors to apply to supply you with removal services then we can help you formulate your Tender, RFQ or RFP approach. If you want to apply for a Tender we can also help with this – we can put you on the Map when you write your Tender submission to the client, we have 100% success rate on PQQ Tender Applications.

Thinking outside the box when it comes to winning bids, tender responses and RFP’s;

Has your company got a full time bid manager? Not a lot of companies do but with Relocom we can help pull all your information together in one place to create a compelling, compliant submission!!

If you do not have internal capacity to manage this process let us help!

Why not try increasing your business and applying for that RFP – we have a pragmatic approach and a 100% win rate on prequalification’s, there after we are in the upper etalons of 70% win rate!

How about if you have your bid and it is almost ready to go but you feel that you could improve on it. Send it to us and we will proof read to ensure that you are not missing something important or make suggestions of breakthrough ideas that will improve your offer?

We are here to help with independent, in time advice and help you deliver THE BEST possible proposal!

Contact us on for a consultation, heck we will even do it for free, if we don’t help you win then you don’t have to pay us for our service!!!