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How do I audit my Items to Move?

This is the easiest part of your move; it’s counting and accounting for every single piece of IT Equipment and furniture you want to bring with you to your new location.

What is the best time to consider using a Move Manager?

It depends on your project and what kind of resource you have or can allocate in house.

Do we need to engage with a Removal Contractor who specialises in Filing or IT moves?

No not essentially however if we were to offer direction, we would go with the experienced movers of IT and Filing. These items we are sure you will agree are core to your business so deserve the attention of a professional who has experience in the moving methodologies for Filing and IT and give it the care and attention that these areas need.

How do we get our employees to embrace the Move?

There are many hurdles with an office relocation just like there are many opportunities, you and your management team can use this time to create a ‘better place to work’, even before you staff have moved. Be communicative, ensure that your staff knows what is happening and what they need to do in order to contribute to move day and first day of business post move!

Why Use Relocom?

We eliminate down time, we have a track record of zero down time – our clients leave their old desk on a Friday afternoon and walk into their new fully functional office on a Monday morning.  In addition to this and while people tell us, assumption is the mother of all mistakes’, we can safely say that large companies looking to move rarely carry out this task. The resource you may have available to you will not be familiar with many of the pitfalls that may occur throughout the life time of the move project.  Let’s face it we all know a poorly managed project can be highly disruptive and blow the budget through the roof, so …. Investing in the likes of us here at Relocom to assist you with your Move Management and IT Relocation is well worth the money!